On-Grid Rooftop Solar Systems

• ANERT approved solar Panels and Solar Inverters
• Solar net metering approval from KSEB
• 10 years Warranty on all our products and services
• MNRE Trained Solar Engineers
• Dedicated professionals with10 years Engineering Experience
• Our Design follows IEC 62548Solar Engineering standard
• Install Solar power plant at your Rooftop & offset the Electricity Bill by Net Metering concept
• Rooftop Solar power helps you to generate green power & help you save up to 90% of your electricity bill
• Life time of the System – 25 to 30 years
• Minimal Investment with stable ROI and savings for lifetime
• Payback period within 2-3 years depending upon the Electricity bill & tariff
• Bank loans as a part of home loans/ home improvement loans for rooftop solar systems under priority sector lending
• Solar PV Modules have 25-27 years performance warranty
• Solar Inverters has 5-10 years warranty

Off-Grid Solar Power systems

• Say goodbye to frequent power cuts with off-grid MPPT based solar systems. This system is highly efficient for areas which suffers from frequent power cuts by storing extra solar energy in the batteries
• The best batteries used for solar projects could be C10 rating deep cycle batteries specially designed for longer backup time and different applications. Solar Batteries need low maintenance and requires low water top up. The water level needs to be checked periodically. We have ready solutions that make it easy to add storage in the future usage. Battery storage will play an important role in India’s sustainable energy future.

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