2018 Console Screenshot Thread (READ RULES IN OP)

Mad Max | Pro

For some reason, to me at least, Max's model is feels like the work of a committee bent on creating the most nondescript and forgettable face possible. He has symmetrical features (a telltale sign of most CGI character) but that is about it. The world design is utterly fantastic and so it baffles me how they beat all conceivable measure of vanilla with Max.

If those are regular gameplay shots, then the IQ looks really good. Presumably, these were captured in the resolution mode.
yes it's just, I do not specify in my post but I think of it in the future ^^
the game is overall very beautiful, it is a strong impression in the jungle .. a little less in other atmospheres .. ;)
always a big participation i-Lo some shots are splendid <3

Nice shoot chopin personally I was really disappointed by the end of god of war .. I do not know you .. :/