2018 Quebec provincial election - Get ready for CAQ

Sounds like a CAQ government is a lock at this point. Watching it live, on a good way to majority so far.


Will still go on for a while, I think 63 is needed for majority.

Also holy shit PQ this is a new low so far.
Considering I'm planning to apply for residency in january, how fucked I am? I'm not really worrying because I'm pretty sure they still would leave open door to the French for obvious language reasons, but fuck I hope they won't start with anything drastic since they probably got a lot of votes from playing the immigration issue.


I voted NDPQ.


They have zero chance of gaining even a single seat, but they are the only leftist + federalist party. I voted to boost their stats for the future, basically. My riding is likely gonna be a solid QS lock (Ruba Ghazal's) anyway.

I hope next time the NDP actually has a campaign and a presence like they do in other provinces.

Also, Couillard is the liberal in my riding. Yeah.........
You never know, didn't Charest lose his own seat?

My supervisor was hesitating between QS and CAQ.

People are so poorly informed about what the parties stand for, it's insane! The only thing that is clear, is they want change.
That's my dad. He hates the Liberals so much that he wants "anyone but them". He doesn't like Legault much but he hates Couillard even more. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I find it silly as hell to be honest, but at least the CAQ isn't that far right. I mean at least they accept climate change as science and all... >.>

ahahaha the CAQ are so unwelcome in Montreal that they will have their HQ party in Longueuil