Best crisps/chips

I hate that there's hardly any spicy chips flavours in sweden...We have like sweet chili doritos and hot chili pringles and that's it. Everything else, produced by swedish chips manufacturers is like different onoin flavoures. And 419 different sourcream or cheese flavours.
You all always eat these chips I've never heard of. I really enjoyed Taco Doritos when those were a thing but I almost never eat chips. I need to find some of those slightly sweet ones though.

Can't get them in Australia, I occasionally import a bunch but the postage costs a fortune. A workaround is having a plain (Salted) crisp butty with Marmite on it....
I'm not sure I've met a crisp I didn't like. Surely I have but the overwhelming awesomeness of crisps has erased it from my mind. I had a packet of Smokey Bacon Wheat Crunchies last night OP. They were incredible.