Best crisps/chips

I live in the Netherlands; good crisps/chips are not a thing here. Around half of what's available seems to be a bland-as-fuck paprika flavour. Even when Space Raiders launched here a few years ago, they didn't bring over the classic flavours from the UK, but the all-new "Spacey Paprika" flavour instead. Fuck that shit.

Best I've had was called "Really Ruthless" in the 90's in the UK. They did not exist for long unfortunately.
Tried these for the first time a few weeks ago after seeing it mentioned on this forum and the other for years. First few bites I thought to myself, "wow, this is so fantastic and unique," but a little later the novelty of it completely vanished. My opinion completely reversed and now I think it tastes bad. I don't like it at all.
Finally some real crisps in among all this American garbage. Britain can't get much right, but by fuck it makes the best crisps. Cheesy Wotsits, Frazzles, Space Raiders, Chipsticks, Hula Hoops, motherfuckin' Skips...

I don't know how to imbed the pic, but the true GOAT is Walkers Mixups. The spicy version. Check this out. Inside this large bag you get four, count them, FOUR, crisps. Some of which are unavailable elsewhere. You get hot and spicy Wotsits. Hot and spicy Monster Munch. Hot and spicy Doritos. And hot and spicy French Fries. It's a perfect mix of flavour and textures.

Get the fuck out of here with your overpriced kettle chips, or ruffles, or artisanal wannabe middleclass party food bullshit. Crisps are supposed to be cheap, taste delicious and artificial, and take a full day off your life with every bag, and you welcome it.
What's overpriced? I can get pretty big bags of all "American" chips for $2-3.

I had some of these in Singapore earlier in the year. They are from New Zealand. As with many vinegar based chips they are extremely addicting .
I used to work with someone that hated strong food smells so we would routinely tape an empty bag of these to the underside of his disk. Happy days!

Also, Scampi Nik Naks (and Scampi Fries) are amazing.
I always kind of liked Scampi Nik Naks but but sweet Jesus did they smell like urinals.