Best evil twins in media

People are gonna hate me for using an anime example, but it's my favorite one.

Sanji, One Piece

Has THREE of these. Ichiji (the red one) is my favorite, but Niji (the blue one) is cool too. (Yonji, the green one, is kinda whatever)

I like these guys for one simple reason, other than their clear homage to 80s tokusatsu heroes and color based powers.

They're literally my favorite good guy with different colored hair and hairstyles. Thus, they become my favorite bad guys.

I can be a very shallow person.

Who's your favorite? They don't have to be a LITERAL twin, or even share blood relations. I'm just looking for the best "villain version" of the protagonists, from any medium.


You probably post about me on another board.
This is like a parody of Superman, I can't decide if it's terrible or terrific.
I was looking for a 'Owtheedge' meme and stumbled on this and it feels appropriate
That is Ultraman, he comes from the Antimatter universe. A universe where evil wins