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It just seems like poor character work to have him experience something like this, and then reset to a state where he he reacts to similar things in Breaking Bad like it was the first time he had to deal with such things (Gus killing someone in front of him, Walt killing people to tie up loose ends, etc). People are expecting the Germans to bite it because that's what we expect from Gus and people like him, after watching Breaking Bad. But it would actually be more interesting character work to show that Mike had faced this problem before, and managed to solve it without anyone dying, knowing that it works as a solution. Which would lend more weight to his reluctance to use murder as an easy solution to every little inconvenience in Breaking Bad, and make it even more tragic that no one really took his advice on that matter.
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They telegraphed the potential mail fraud thing so I don't think they're going to go that route but it still feels like Kim is going to get badly fucked at some point.

I don't know how much of a 180 it is, it's been there since the first time they showed she and Jimmy going out. Jimmy has been a corrupting influence as shown with the scams he concocted that she took part in and she gets a thrill out it. I don't think she's going to become "Slipping Kimmy" or anything but I wouldn't be surprised if something happens that derails her career and life.

Heck, they have telegraphed their entire relationship as being moored by a very specific through line....“slightly breaking bad” in order to get back at people who they think deserve it.

The conning the guy in the bar was what directly jump started their relationship (got them passionate for each other, had sex, stayed over at her apt for the first time, shared toothbrushes! :P). When they feel their relationship might be in some troubled waters, they flirt about conning more people at the bar. Now, we see Kim plan another con with Jimmy and it completely re ignites their relationship again.

I imagine Kim was someone who had to claw her way up (wasn't she from some small, nothing town?) or ugh, pulled herself up by the bootstraps to get where she is and she really doesn't like assholes who look down on others they feel they're superior to because of it.
I feel like they hinted at this in season (2?) when she was interviewing with Schweikart and Cokely for the first time...she started talking about where she grew up and how she wanted to get out of there, there was a specific inference of a bad/poor upbringing in her past that I always imagined we would get back to at some point.

So I think something like this is absolutely the case.

I also believe that her disappointment and anger at Jimmy’s circumventing the law to avenge those who wrong him or help those who need really her transferring those feelings onto him that she deep down has about herself.

Which is also the reason she loves and protects him so much despite his flaws.. because I think she feels those flaws are somewhere a part of her as well.

So no, this isn’t a 180 for Kim wexler at all. This is probably more in line of who she really is.

Which makes sense, cause she seems most alive...shows most passion, when she’s helping people who have been pushed down by the law and need public defender help, and when she is conning people who she feels deserve comeuppance.
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AV Club has a piece up — i’m not reading because i’m on a BCS media blackout so i’m assuming it’s their morning roundup / newsletter post for monday morning — but it says BCS ep this week is 78 minutes long in the headline. That GoT Ep 10s territory.


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New episode tonight.

Jimmy and Kim unburden themselves, risking their relationship in the process; Nacho is forced to make the rounds with Lalo; Mike has cause to worry.
This is the penultimate episode of S4. BCS has already been renewed for S5.