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Show end dates. Through currently announced episodes. Does not account for unannounced marathons, etc.

Cowboy Bebop: October 13
FLCL Alternative: October 20
One Punch Man (rerun): November 3
Lupin the Third Part IV (rerun): December 1
Black Clover: December 15
Attack on Titan Season 3: February 2, 2019 (assuming 24 episodes)
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable: May 18, 2019
Hunter x Hunter: June 1, 2019
My Hero Academia: July 27, 2019
Dragon Ball Super: August 31, 2019
Naruto Shippuden: February 3, 2024
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Carrying on from the other thread, I feel for Dallas Reid, Asta's VA though. This season, he's playing another character who screams a lot in another Funimation dub and he ended up blowing his voice out. He got better, but I couldn't imagine having to juggle playing that character and Asta.
That new OT smell.

Just gotta catch up on MHA and Jojo and I'll be fully caught up. Hopefully I can actually stick around for the whole thing the next few weeks.
There were times in th past when I only tuned in for a show or two, but now I watch everything except FLCL, Naruto, and the reruns.

It really is the one of the best lineups.
Was hoping to just relax with the MHA marathon this week, but now that I'm working Saturday nights, I might as well leave early to get the job done + try to get some extra time in.
hey guys, did you hear they announced a new hxh game that's a 3d action rpg where you play greed island 2 after the events of greed island?

*monkey's paw has a finger curling up*


Oh well, what the hell
hey guys, did you hear they announced a new hxh game that's a 3d action rpg where you play greed island 2 after the events of greed island?

*monkey's paw has a finger curling up*
I presume there's gonna be no Nen lol
I presume there's gonna be no Nen lol
Actually, there will be.

In battle, players can summon characters depicted on cards. Skill cards will give you an upper hand in battle. By equipping characters with these cards, you will be able to use various abilities, such as attack and recovery type skills. Nen Abilities, which can decide the outcome of a battle, can be activated with a single tap.

During adventure parts, you can enjoy the story that unfolds on the new setting of Greed Island 2, as well as relive the story from the Hunter x Hunter original work.

...guess what "platform", though...
Tournament of Power arc is probably my favorite Dragon ball arc since the Frieza saga.It's definitely not perfect, and watching it weekly may hurt it more then binging through certain parts, but hey, they set up something that Dragon Ball has always succeeded at, putting in a shit ton of fighting and battles.
ToP is definitely one of my favorite DB arcs, and yeah it's not without faults. Though one thing I think it does that doesn't get enough credit is it actually does a pretty good job tying into some overarching themes established pretty early on in the show by the end of it.
ToP is ok. Has some great highs (animation wise) which makes up for some of its faults. Would sell it down the river for more one off/gag episodes though.
Is it still possible to pre-order and grab that pin or patch or whatever or is it just part of the first print packages?
Reconfirming that I just got my copy of Zone of the Enders 2 & the patch was inside the box which was sealed, so guessing it's a first print thing that comes with all pre-orders.

Hoping that & Yakuza Kiwami 2 can help me take my mind off/get rid of stress due to overthinking my budget & cat's health.
go bless this year of Super too. People get to experience fucking Jiren
By the time Jiren's run is done he's going to be pretty much the least interesting villain out of the bigger shows currently on Toonami. Jiren brings the hype from a fighting standpoint, but character wise he's weak.