Community Spotlight: Toonami |SepOct18| I'm not scared of that knife or your tiny balls!!

Oh right, before I forget. Here's how we got to 225 wizard kings.

Episode 1: 12
Episode 2: 25
Episode 3: 15
Episode 4: 9
Episode 5: 11 (+ 1 in title)
Episode 6: 4
Episode 7: 2
Episode 8: 1
Episode 9: 3
Episode 10: 3
Episode 11: 7
Episode 12: 7 (+1 in title, +1 in subtitles)
Episode 13: 2 (+1 in title)
Episode 14: 15
Episode 15: 2
Episode 16: 1
Episode 17: 4
Episode 18: 3
Episode 19: 3
Episode 20: 16 (+1 in text)
Episode 21: 3
Episode 22: 2
Episode 23: 7
Episode 24: 1
Episode 25: 2
Episode 26: 6
Episode 27: 8
Episode 28: 3
Episode 29: 17
Episode 30: 1
Episode 31: 1
Episode 32: 3
Episode 33: 2
Episode 34: 2
Episode 35: 4
Episode 36: 1
Episode 37: 2
Episode 38: 9 (+1 in subtitles)
Episode 39: 3
Episode 40: 3
BLack Clover has such exciting episodes coming up. I cant wait for y'all's impressions as this arc is one in which I cant avoid rewatching. Its so good all around. Last night was only a brief tease.

Also the ED is nice, school AU's is great. I hope we do get a full ova or something of the Royal Clover Academy at some point in time.

I kind of wish more series did it more, a full anime of Final Haikyuu Quest would have been awesome (not just that short thing done for a dvd). Only AssClass did it with its full spinoff. And HeroAca did it with an ed, but it would be nice if it was a full anime.

hunter x hunter is so damn good

"dude just make himself look cool cuz he wanted to"

& then killua living up to his name

& then pouf having the meltdown of his life

Before I forget, let me show you guys how drastically Tamami's design changes in the manga

Koichi’s enemies shrinking after he beat them is a bit of a recurring thing in the manga, but the anime completely drops it. No idea why.

Not really related, but I want to give David Pro some serious props for how they handled Tamami’s fight in the anime, because it’s pretty meh in the manga. If DIU had SC pacing, it would’ve been a two parter, which sounds terrible.
Probably for consistency & not wanting anime viewers to go "wait, why'd that dude suddenly change sizes?" David Pro thankfully has done their best to patch up any previous plot holes/inconsistencies that they could, save for the whole "wait, how did they find Dio in a coffin if that was the one Erina was found in?" since that was kinda impossible.

My only guess as to why they did it for Iggy in Part 3 is because both looks are considered popular to the point that Namco even included both versions as "costumes" in the games.
but how would know if it was real life or just fantasy
if the characters were caught in a landslide with no escape from reality?
you should've opened your eyes & look up at the pages to see
I'm getting flashbacks of running/climbing around Mother Base while listening to those boring tapes. So much time wasted listening to an old man drone on and on about vocal cord parasites.
And hamburgers. I never even knew about this shit since I dropped the game a little bit after the FOB shit started happening.
Shit how could I forget the hamburger tapes lol
"You call this a burger Kazunori?"
Him and Miller get some good one's later. But for the most part those tapes are trash. I just listened to podcasts instead while fucking around on missions and stuff. If the story could've matched the gameplay it would've been the GOAT
This is why I dropped the game. It's a good game, but a bad Metal Gear game. The story is just ass, it's worst than if Tomino wrote the story.