Community Spotlight: Toonami |SepOct18| I'm not scared of that knife or your tiny balls!!

I got to episode 11 of brotherhood and decided to go to original FMA and watch the first 24 episodes of that.

Im also on episode 11 of Death Note, my gf likes to watch it with me, so im taking it a bit slow.
So, I got a PSP Go from the last eBay coupon!
...My router has too advanced security for the PSP to connect to it (it's basically a device from 2004, this is understandable)
OK, I'll hook it up to the PC and use the old Media Go to transfer my stuff over
...Media Go ended support in January, it cannot connect to PSN
Guess I'll go the PS3 method. I've been meaning to hook my PS3 up in my bedroom so I have a Bluray player upstairs
....the PS3 can't recognize my PSP

How is it easier to load stuff via CFW than to do it legit
*looks at title* ah.... I always lose track of threads when they are in the community spotlight lol.
well here's hoping that we attract some new people around here.
Quick what are everybody's thoughts on dragon ball super
basically my thoughts as dragon ball z in general. If you think about it to much in general the writing is mediocre, yet it's still a lot of fun to sit down and watch in general. Just gotta sit back and enjoy it rather than analyze everything. A series you watch for the action and fun fights and not so much the plot.

I mean in general super was a fine continuation, and likely a better continuation than if toriyama had continued the series back when Z ended.

Also why does beef need to announce this when we have b dubs.
I imagine Beef was the one that was dealing with the community spotlight list and just posted in the thread after moving it into the spotlight.
hahahahahahaha, of course we finally get the community spotlight when we have a title like THAT

I always figured it'd happen when we had a more out there subtitle.