Do you ever think about breathing?

Nothing controversial this time guys.

Like, I know you think about it. But, like, do you REALLY think about each breath? Like, take a moment to think how special that is, yah?

Like, I bet you're REALLY thinking right now? Yah? Is it not fascinating?

Edit: OMG what if you got stuck having to think about breathing each breath????

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Reading this thread made me think about breathing, yes. Really thinking about it? Not really. I try to avoid really thinking about anything.

In times of stress or anxiety, focusing on one's breath can also be incredibly helpful.
When I have bad insomnia sometimes I end up lying in bed with my brain unintentionally focused on my breathing.

Shit sucks, since I find it ends up actually keeping me awake longer.
I had a weird reaction to some anti-anxiety meds a decade ago which basically suppressed my breathing reflex so it felt like I had to breathe manually or it just wouldn’t happen. Safe to say that wasn’t a fun day.
Not with breathing but sometimes, when playing the piano, I'll look down at my hands and think "WTF, am I really doing this?"

(This also happens with driving, oddly.)
It is big part of mindfulness. Focus on your breathing for a bit then shift all that focus onto whatever you are working on. Super helpful if you are feeling scatter brained because you have a million things you need to do.

Those of you who don't meditate should give it a shot.
Yes. When I wake up in the middle of the night and I can't fall asleep. Then thinking about breathing makes me feel more awake. Until I stop thinking about it and fall asleep again.
Sometimes, the annoying thing I think about is swallowing, whenever I think about it I feel so tense if I don't swallow that I feel like I might choke if I don't.
Dammit OP now I’m not automatically breathing.
It doesnt happen in non literal sense. It means you have anxiety, breathing awareness is part of symptoms. It means it is not actually the root of your anxiety, but it is like a way your brain tells you that you have anxiety. I experienced the same way months ago, but after i got rid of my problems (i cannot disclosure this), it got better

The irony is im kinda missing my breath awareness, but i keep losing it after several minutes
Do you mean like, focusing on your breathing or thinking about how it all works and the wonders of the body's respiratory system? Well, I do both regularly actually. I have pretty frequent dyspnea, sometimes lingering for longer than I'd like.
Edit: OMG what if you got stuck having to think about breathing each breath????
It means it is possible you have breath awareness. Like i said above, i experienced it for literal 5 months. And i decided i would live with this... until... i learnt that it was actually part of anxiety. I tried to find my anxiety that caused this awareness. Until one day, i realized i neglected "something" in my life (it took months to realize this), i got rid of that and i literally got better.

I dont know if it differs for each person. If you are worried about this, actually you dont have to. It can possibly be part of your anxiety (or maybe paranoia? Im not sure about this one).
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