Fantasy Football Discussion Thread - 2018 Season

4-0 + 2-2

Great start this year. My strategy of going with less boom + bust and going with more consistent players really paid off. Averaging 140pts a week in half ppr and beating everyone in my path. Made some solid trades overall and really hoping to get my 2nd chip this year. Also the pots not bad in a 12 man $250 league :) Hopefully there's no big injuries and my team can keep it up at least until I can clinch a playoff spot.
2-2 in both of my leagues so far. This week I loved the production out of my receiver as everyone that I started had over 100 yards and Desean Jackson was the only one who didn't score a TD but still manage to win both leagues in blow out fashion. I have Theilan in both leagues and he has been money for me so far. Tate did work for me as well.
Chris Carson being called inactive really really hurt me, as I had no RBs starting in the later games to play.
Same, ugh our lineups froze on Thursday so too late to pull him. Not that Clement or Marlon Mack on my bench could've saved me, anyway!

I still may pull this off with Giovanni Bernard matching Gurley in standard scoring, I'm 4 points ahead with Kelce to go and my opponent has Butker. The suspense!
All my guys but Brees were solid except no one wanted to score any touchdowns. Last week my team led the league in tds. Down 7 with Royce Freeman going tonight. Here's hoping for 4-0!
Two leagues:

In one, I move dramatically to 2-2. This was a narrow win, 118 to 109, only close because of some dumb mistakes I made like

- Starting Dissly (RIP) over Njoku

- Starting Rivers over Goff

- Starting Chris Hogan over Geronimo Allison

- Starting Alfred Morris at all (or even just having him on my team).

Luckily my opponent benched Corey Davis and Matt Ryan, Alvin Kamara remains the only reason why I'm alive. Hopefully I can make a trade or two and get my team back into a favorable position.

In the other, I'm up by 16 and my opponent has Mahomes. I'm 0-3, and if I lose this I'm going to go murder Isiah Crowell. And Chris Hogan too for killing me in both leagues.
Moving to 3-1 in my money league even though My RB1 gave me 2 points and OJ Howard gave me a fat 0. Thank you based Cooper Kupp.

Tre Burton is on the wire and I'm hoping I can grab him. I really don't know how I'm getting these wins and I fully expect to crash down to earth soon. I do have Edelman coming back though, and I have high hopes for him. Mixon will be back as well. Let's keep it going.
Should I trade my Enunwa for Alex Collins straight up?

Standard league my Wrs are Hopkins, Diggs, TY, and Josh Gordon.

RBs: Fournette, Ingram, Ajayi, Lindsay, and K.Jonhson.
Fuck me Fournette and Drake almost single handedly ruined my chances of winning this week. Luckily I flexed John Brown and he got me 18. Cookie showed up too at TE. Given Drake enough chances, gonna have him on the bench from now on.

I'm up 17 points on my opponent with Butker left to play. He has Tyreek Hill. Are the Broncos still solid defensively or should I be sweating?
I just lost Eifert Sunday. Had he not thrown up 11 pts before his injury I would have been sunk. I'm going to have to grab some scrub off waivers for next week.
Brate is a good option.

OJ is out and Winston is the starter and always throws the ball to Brate.

edit: nvm. week 5 is a bye.
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going to end up 1-3 in my work league-sucks but I still feel like I can make it to the playoffs. Can't figure out which QB I want to roll with rest of season though (Wentz or Luck). My only issue with luck is he plays jax week 10 AND 13 whereas wentz just plays them once
120 - 129

I'm down 9.
I have Mahomes, Hill and Lindsay.
He has Kelce.

I like my odds, but they're cutting it kind of close here.
Just need Mahomes to throw one good one to Hill and it's done.
I posted a few posts ago about needing Lindsay to outscore Mahomes, Hunt, and Sanders. At this point, I'd rather them start blowing me out because in my infinite wisdom I played the Bucs D, who got me -9. If I lose by less than 9 points I'm gonna flip out. I started like 15 points ahead so it is extremely close right now.
If Phillip Lindsay can miraculously score a touchdown in the next 16 seconds, assuming he's even on field, I'll win.

Couldn't have just thrown to Hill, Mahomes.

AND fuck me for leaving James White on the bench and not using him as a FLEX.

Lost by 5.