Games that get the adrenaline pumping?


Most recently yesterday I played CSGO with 2 other people and we were down 7-13 (16 to win or 15-15 to tie) we then stopped memeing and came back to a 16-14 victory where it ended with the other team having less than a second left on the defuse timer before the bomb exploded. Shit was intense, amazing and hilarious since we were getting called hackers lmao

(guess thats what happens when CSGO puts players ranked high in silver lmao)
Platinum Games make you work for it, but once you get in the zone, everything about their games is designed around this sensation. Onlookers can barely make sense of what's happening, and you yourself can't think about any of the required inputs, but for some reason can see through the Matrix and your brain just goes on auto-pilot. A good Monster Hunting hunt where the monster doesn't allowed to play conservatively feels similar.
Rainbow Six Siege, 1 vs 5.
I'd say 1-1, 1-2 or 1-3 get the blood pumpin more.

It's rare anyone gets a 1-5 ace.

The highlight for me was in Rainbow Six Siege on a match point(4-4) and it was me vs 3 and luckily I got them all! They got sloppy.

Rainbow in general is like drinking an energy drink. I'll be tired, but keep playing because it's just so damn addicting.
Battle Royale games are an insane adrenaline rush during certain battles and especially at the endgame, be it PUBG, Fortnite, The Culling, etc.. That feeling that you built up for this moment for 10-25 minutes, knowing that your every move could be the winning decision or the one that makes you die. A top 3 is a solid result, but winning the match is a whole different matter, and it's so damn easy to mess up when that level of pressure happens. The adrenaline in those moments is insane, some of the highest levels I've encountered in decades of gaming, online or not. I remember my first match in PUBG - I won it, surprisingly, but it was a nailbiter all around, with a marvelously tense finish. My heart was pumping like crazy, my hands shook for minutes after the win, and while the effect is not that intense after a series of wins, I still get a rush of adrenaline when I'm in the final 4-5 players. It's stuff like Counter-Strike or Search & Destroy in COD but upped to level 100.
Fortnite recently did this. I was with a squad and one of my guys were getting ganged up on by 3 other guys. The 3 guys didn’t know I was there and killed them all and revived my teammate. My hands were shaking afterwords.
>tfw you kill both of those guys at the same time with just release and they fall down perfectly synced

And of course Vergil 2 on DMD with the music and that awesome Beowulf moveset. Pity gifs dont have sounds

And DOOM 2016 with headphones