How do you get the paper toilet seat liner not to stick to your ass?

lol, it's simple. you maintain ass awareness. so you know at all times if the liner is stuck to you or not. if it is, you place your thumb to anchor the liner to the seat as you rise.
It's funny this stuff freaks people out when what you really need to be scared of (shared touchscreens, shared keyboards, doorknobs, and anything to do with hands) is what people touch without thinking.
Unless you have a gaping wound on your posterior, simply use the paper liner to wipe the seat to give you a sense of security. If the seat is already wet, it’s the same rule as a school bus with red lights flashing - just go home because nothing more can be done.
if the seats wet wipe it off with tissue ya dingus
You should always do a safety check wipe anyway for clear piss/water
unless there's literally shit on the seat i sit bare
Also OP, get some of these and carry them around with you:

Wipe the seat with one before you sit on it, problem solved.
I think this forum needs a Toilet & Poop OT.
.... I forgot I made that.
love how worried people are about GERMS on their outer buttcheeks while they prepare to smear shit into their skin until the little tissue paper comes back white
just sit on the seat. why cover it freaking paper?
I never understood that. it serves no purpose.

and, please, for the love of everything holy: stop using wet wipes. They are the worst thing for the enviroment and sewers. My buddy works in a waste water company and he showed me pictures you can't even imagine. He said 90% of blockages in sewer pipes are caused by wet wipes. They form some sort of giant mega-tampon and are extremly hard to remove.
I think this forum needs a Toilet & Poop OT.
My po smells minty is my favourite
I put 2 layers of seat covers, follows by 2 layers of toilet tissue before sitting down. Also, the tissue is less likely to stick to your skin.