Inktober 2018 |OT| Embrace the darkness within you, it's just Micron pens

Mar 4, 2018
Figured I'd start by drawing a ghoul.
Creative use of the word "poisonous!" Love the painting on those grounds alone. I appreciate your brush strokes-- a bit thick in places, but very intense. I appreciate the borders around the edges and the face itself is popping with detail. The fine touch you had on the shading for the tongue, say, is laudable, as are the clear and defined corners of the mouth. Your use of the white pen for highlights is very skilled and seems to really overcome the inherent wonkiness of white pens-- how'd you get those fine tapering points to even happen? Solid stuff all-round, even if the subject of the painting is, well... yeah. Inspires quite the opposite feelings.
Oct 25, 2017
This is still on small scratch pads but I've got some 8.5"x11" vellum card stock on the way so hopefully they'll start looking better.
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