Introducing GiftBot! Want to run a giveaway on ResetEra? GiftBot is our gift to you!


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Meet GiftBot

One of the most frequent requests we've received since launch has been for a forum bot that members can use to run giveaways safely and efficiently. You asked for it, and our team has been working hard to deliver. At last we're ready to show some results: Introducing GiftBot! To celebrate this launch we're holding our own inaugural giveaways with cool prizes. Be sure to check it out!

If you run into any bugs please contact deltaplus.

Coded from Scratch

A true labor of love, GiftBot is being developed entirely in-house by our sleepless tech team. Coding GiftBot from scratch will allow us to fully customize and tailor its features over time to better respond to the needs of the community. The design plan was drawn up in close collaboration with moderators from SteamEra, a community that knows its way around giveaways like no other.

Fully Automated

GiftBot is a fully automated forum feature that takes the delicate work of running a giveaway safely out of human hands. The mechanical spin of its avatar is the only motion it will ever know (note: sorry, organics on ResetEra are still not allowed animated avatars). Like the VoteBot that so crucially facilitated our first annual GOTY vote, GiftBot is a friendly and unarmed automation with no moderator functions.

Built for Expansion

We're launching GiftBot with basic functionality that includes a First-to-Claim mode and a 24 Hour Raffle. Over time we intend to add many more features and options for users to customize how they want their giveaways to be run. By developing GiftBot ourselves, we've ensured that the sky is the limit! We are committed to the long term expansion and refinement of GiftBot as a service for the community.


While GiftBot is meant to be a fun way for users to interact with their fellow ResetEra members, our lawyers have advised us to make a few things clear!

For Givers: ResetEra, LLC is not responsible for any keys to submitted to GiftBot. Only submit keys to GiftBot that you are absolutely sure you want to give away or no longer want to use.

For Receivers: GiftBot has no way to verify the validity of a key prior to giving it away. If you receive an invalid key from GiftBot, you have no recourse against either ResetEra, LLC or against the user who sponsored the giveaway (the "Giver"), though the Giver may offer you a replacement key if they so choose. Finally, neither ResetEra, LLC nor the Giver will provide technical support for the keys. If you have an issue with a key you receive through GiftBot, your only recourse is to contact the platform holder through which the key was to be redeemed for support.

For Everyone: ResetEra, LLC makes no guarantee that GiftBot will be available at certain times or at any time. The services provided through GiftBot may be terminated at anytime and without notice. GiftBot is solely for the fun and amusement of ResetEra Members ("Members"), and ResetEra, LLC does not charge a cost to participate in GiftBot giveaways. However, GiftBot is only available to Members with an active account; if a Member's account is banned, either temporarily or permanently, then that Member will be unable to participate in GiftBot giveaways for the duration of their ban.


Project Lead

GiftBot currently supports two types of giveaways: Raffles and First-to-Claim. For those trying to win a prize, each user is limited to only one entry per giveaway.


To create your giveaway, start a new conversation with GiftBot with the subject gift. You can click here to get started.

For GiftBot to process your request the message body must adhere to the following format exactly, with one entry per line.

REQUIRED: Prizes must be listed first, one per line, with this syntax (color not required):​

NAME: Prize Name Goes Here GIFT: Code or Other Prize ID Goes Here

Note that the Name and the Gift ID (download code or otherwise) must be on the same line.

REQUIRED: You must specify one of the two following giveaway types:​

FIRST -- The first member to submit a valid entry will be the winner.
RAFFLE -- A timed 24 hour raffle with the winner selected randomly from the entrants. Any prizes leftover after time expires can be won by the first valid entry.

OPTIONAL: If you specify a RAFFLE, on the next line you have the option of specifying a length for the raffle. For example --


This will create a 3 hour raffle. You must use one of the following time period markers -- d: days h: hours m: minutes. Raffles must last for at least 1 minute and no longer than 31 days.​

REQUIRED: You must specify the thread you want GiftBot to post your giveaway in:​




After sending your message, GiftBot will post your giveaway in the specified thread and automatically cross out prizes as they are won. You will also receive a receipt confirming that your giveaway was created.


Simply follow the instructions in the giveaway post to enter!

This is really cool. Thanks for putting it together for the community

Any consideration to do trivia giveaways? Example: giver asks a question about historical figure or the square root to 144, and the first correct answer wins etc.


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Nice to see this feature go live. It definitely looks like it'll be something that the SteamERA community will love (as well as the other communities here).
Can a user enter a giveaway contest for each prize available (i.e. Send a new pm for each prize in a post) or can a user only enter a giveaway once per GiftBot post?

Like if I put 3 prizes, can a user send a Pm for each of the 3 prizes? In the inaugural giveaway thread, there are two posts with at least 3 prizes each so I'm wondering how many I can apply to?

Dusk Golem

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If you don't mind, I'm going to probably host a HUGE Steam giveaway with this. I was literally waiting for this for a while with hundreds of keys I can giveaway.

If you don't mind, I'm going to probably host a HUGE Steam giveaway with this. I was literally waiting for this for a while with hundreds of keys I can giveaway.
Don't do them all in one giveaway yet, though, because we could only enter for one game. At least at this point in time, right?

Dusk Golem

Local Horror Enthusiast
Don't do them all in one giveaway yet, though, because we could only enter for one game. At least at this point in time, right?
Yup, reading to plot how it might work. So I do giveaways in different places, right now I literally have over 2000 Steam Keys for over 1000 different Steam games, I want to give a few hundred away to ResetEra, but will work it out before I dive into it. XD;
Wait, can I not give away physical goods with this? Digital game keys only?

I’d love to give away some random merch that’s not particularly valuable and/or an amiibo or two.
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