Kavanaugh's Friend, Mark Judge, Was a Member of Gamergate

These old ass politicians need to die or get out of politics already. Their broken morals don't reflect the morals of society at all anymore.
They don't have much longer but there's a crop of slightly less old fuckers already in the senate and house. There are still 60ish year old boomers who don't really reflect much of the population.
Of course he was a gamergater. OF COURSE he was.

Can somebody please go pull the plug on hadron collider. We have surely messed up the simulation beyond repair.
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Um, wow.

By the way, here are some other examples of his written work

The point is, I told Michelle (she is a nice person and open to debate; I feel rude calling her Boorstein) that the collapse in morals, the rejection of official church teaching, the blocking of strong, orthodox and heterosexual males from the priesthood - these were the things that led to the Father Orr scandal.
The point is, if right-wing politics and religious zeal can lead to abuse and paranoia at Liberty University and Opus Dei (and let’s be honest, they can - not because they are bad places but because we are all human), then certainly left-wing politics, religious liberalism and sexual libertinism can lead to paranoia, fear, and abuse at Georgetown Prep, which is stuck in the 1960s and was more secretive and nefarious in covering up the abuse than Opus Dei has ever been about anything. It seems that when writing about orthodox folks, context is everything. when taking about liberals, it doesn’t exist.

Again, Michelle Boorstein is a nice person, and I think tries to be a fair reporter. Honestly, for many of these folks it’s just in the air they breathe. The Oklahoma City bombing? Rush Limbaugh created the environment. Nativity scene at a local library? The rising theocracy. Madonna blasted by orthodox believers? She’s the freedom-loving, always-enaging controversialist who has been pushing our buttons - for our own good - for 30 years.

Abuse by a libertine priest at a school marinated in a left-wing ideology? Just the facts, ma’am.
And there's more where that came from.
Of course he was, lol.

Not even surprised at this point. The women in those videos don't appear to actually be "passed out", but boy those videos are creepy.