London Restaurant is serving a deep fried burger that explodes cheese in your mouth when you bite it

So basically you get deep fried cheese that you need to let cool off so you don't destroy your mouth?

I'm going to guess this thing costs like 18 dollars or something stupid.
They made a faux deep fried "jucy lucy" with cheese that smells of old socks that filtered farts for a year.

That's about as British as you can get. Well done chaps...
Is there burger in there? Looks like it's just fried cheese on bread.

I'd like to see other people at the bar order it though.
Yep. That's not a burger. It's a wheel of camembert that's breaded and fried. A fancy cheese stick, I guess, that will burn your mouth and make a giant mess. Pass.
That makes no culinary sense.. I mean you pay for a fried wheel of cheese, yeah? But as soon as the shell is breached, all of the cheese you paid for has liquefied and you lose it on the first bite.

Those two sorry pieces of bacon and a handful of arugula don't make up for it. What are they charging? Something stupid I'm sure.

As a chef I find that incredibly pointless as a menu item.
So you can burn the shit out of your mouth while simultaneously spraying your shirt with cheese.

Wait, there's not even a patty in there? Keep that wack shit.