LTTP: Dragon's Crown Pro (tips welcomed )

I have a 4ktv and the ps4 pro
And the game is stunning to look at and plays rather well.

I've been a long time fan of guardian heroes, double dragon, streets of rage, and dungeon and dragons (cps1 & cps2 games)
So naturally I wanted to buy this game.

I'm level 8 playing as the elf girl and so far I'm enjoying the game alot but I do have some problems with it and I was hoping someone could possibly help me figure out a solution.

Do bosses gang up on you because of how many party members you have?

Say I go solo without recruiting some allies
Will I fight one on one with bosses?

Because on my last fight when I recruited 3 allies I couldn't even see myself.

Also, the sfx don't have inpact on them like games like streets of rage (anyone remember swinging a pipe and hitting someone? ) is it because of the orchestra? Should I lower my background music and ramp up my sfx?

What are your sfx volume levels like?

On graphics, since I have a pro, is the 4k automatically done and set up for me or do I need to set it up somewhere in the menu, cause I could not find an option in the menu.

Last but not least is there anyway to disable the players color rings underneath my feet and should I borther with using the small hand to loot hidden treasures (all I find is small coins, pots and tiny things) will I ever discover anything worth my efforts?