Mega Man fans, do you prefer Classic or X series?

Which series is better?

  • Classic (Lighthearted precision platforming all day)

    Votes: 86 31.5%
  • X (Grittier, faster action is more my thing)

    Votes: 187 68.5%

  • Total voters
Conceptually, I much prefer X. Classic has better music, but that kind of difficulty isn't much for me. I still like them, but don't have nearly as much patience for them.
Classic! Not a bad game in the bunch. Precision and skill-based platforming at its finest.

I'd like the X series more if the games after the first one were better. Frankly, most of them are extremely sub-par.
Classic series is more consistently good, at worst just dipping down into okay. X hits the higher highs right out of the gate with X1 and then just goes on a decline throughout the series, bottoming out in the truly awful X7, before finally coming back into greatness with X8.

So probably classic as a series, but X otherwise just due to X1 and X8.
X, honestly Zero series all day. ZX has great gameplay but the story/tone wasn't nearly as good as the X or Zero series.

I'm dying at the battle network responses. Mega Man really had an identity crisis for some time, those games should've been a new IP.
I played the originals as a history enthusiast, but to be honest I didn't like them much. 5, 7, and 8 were pretty good.

X is the answer though, by quite a measure.
I'm only a Megaman "fan" in the loosest of definitions but, while I grew up on Megaman V, I enjoy Megaman X more... I REALLY enjoyed the Z series the most, however.
I like the classic series more. Classic as in nes style, not 7,8 and 11.

The X series, while good, it is too much ow the edge look at me I'm hardcore 3d sonic like!!1! So cool.
To be honest, I like Megaman X4 only.