Most Epic Moment in Dragon Ball(entire franchise) history

Today I wanted to talk about the most epic moment the legendary anime franchise has ever had.

I’ll start with my choice.

Yes I know it’s not canon anymore since super took it out but this was the best moment of Dragon Ball Battle of Gods by far.


I’ll be honest my theater flipped its shit when this scene occurred in theaters. You gotta admit this was an all time badass Goku moment, and where the fight got real. Honestly wished it was included in Super.

I mean look at the scene that this lead too holy shit!

What’s your favorite epic moment in Dragon Ball franchise history?

Gifs would be appreciated!!
The one where the guy's power level is GIGANTIC, but then the other guy's power level is EVEN GIGANTICER, and then they go AAAAHHHHHHH GRRRRRR and shoot a big energy ball and then a mountain cracks
When Trunks went back to his timeline and destroyed the Androids and Cell. After all the drawn out fights and people letting others get away or power up. No games, just business.
That entire fight (and tournament) was Goku at his best. He actually had a very clever strategy all along and it was a great call-back to his earlier fight with King Piccolo.


That song was so dope and the lyrics are a hilarious recap of the entire tournament.
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That last bit of the Jiren fight.

I was in a hotel room that night and I was screaming, it was so fucking awesome. With that song? Fuck me

They completely removed that scene in the show? I thought the first season or two were what the movies were but with filler.

Anywho, mine is Goku finally killing Frieza on Namek.

1. Goku/Vegeta beam struggle during the Saiyan arc.
2. Goku/Frieza/#17 vs. Jiren in the final episode of DBS.
3. Gohan/Cell beam struggle in the Cell arc.