Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video Part 2

Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of outlaw life that seamlessly blends story with action, and exploration with choice - all under the constant threat of danger.

Watch the second half of our Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Series - outlining all sorts of nefarious activities Arthur and the Van der Linde Gang can get involved in, including robbing trains, encountering rival gangs and outlaws, evading cunning lawmen and lots more in a world that is deep, teeming with life and very menacing. Today’s video also includes a look at the new and expanded Dead Eye system, and was captured entirely from in-game footage.
The missions look good. Between this and the last trailer the melee combat system reminds me off Uncharted.

The shooting still doesn't remind me of Max Payne 3 though, and that's a shame.
Nothing revolutionary in term of gameplay and Arthur seems kind of boring but I'm still interested! Graphics-wise it looks absolutely amazing.
Puh, looking forward to trying this one out!

Somehow I'm stoked for trying to plan a trip through the snow for multiple days. And I would have to plan to survive.
First person mode looks stunning. This game looks stunning. Animations look great and like others have said there seems to be no shortage of things to do.
Talented, brilliant, incredible, Amazing, showstopper, spectacular, unbelievable, completely not ever been done before, etc

Game of the fuxking gen.
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As I said in the other thread, the animations, details, scope, and the idea of natural fluid discovery by the player seem incredible. First person mode does look insanely good, but I'll probably save that for later.

The 10/10 reviews are going to be flooding the web.