ResetEra Version 1.5 Update Thread

I still miss the top posters button for threads, but apparently it was too taxing for performance and had to be scrapped. Still'd love it if it could make a return somehow.
I had a question. With the upcoming 2.0 update, will there be a way to ignore people without ignoring the threads they create, especially since (at least based upon what someone told me) there's a separate thread ignore feature coming?

I'm mainly wondering since I'd like to still get news like "New Trailer" even if I don't want to see that person's posts in other contexts.
So uh are we going to get any actual feedback, at all? Once again there are promises of speaking out and ensuring there is clear discussions yet it goes dark soon after one of these promised "we'll talk!" announcements appears. There are so many wonderful mock ups and ideas yet none are seemingly being taken into account because we don't even get feedback on current issues let alone future fixes or changes. Such a wonderful place marred by terrible UI design.
Is the ability to ignore threads coming? I'm trying to do my damned best to avoid threads for games I'm looking for so the script someone wrote for the desktop version is a godsend, but it's sad that it's impossible to ignore threads on mobile.
Is there any way to remove the bar at the bottom of the page (where you can choose the different sections like "games", "hangouts" etc.) on mobile? I'm not sure if that is any recent change, but i just did a factory reset on my phone, and now that bar is there.