Show off your phone desktop!

I'm actually using a stock wallpaper right now; was looking for something simple yet pleasing and this one immediately hooked me. Looks just like where I live :)

It's Nova, so there are three docks. Music production stuff is on the left dock, Google services are the right dock. Have yet to dive into icon customization, phone's pretty new still.

And my lock screen, for the haters:

I just think it's a cute pic don't judge
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Mine is based on function. All most used apps are organized into correct folders for quick access and usability.
Useful widgets are weather, music player, and on my other side screen a calendar to keep track of appointments.
No battery draining live wallpapers, and I keep the background wallpaper blurry so as to have a clear separation between it and the app icons.

I prefer mine to be clean and functional, with a widget to help me remember stuff sometimes. Really liking how it turned out on my Oneplus 3