The Ad Reporting Thread


Hi all,

Ads are how we're able to keep the lights on here at ResetEra and we've made it our mission to provide you with a pleasant browsing experience by partnering with agencies that focus on delivering good ads. The unfortunate reality of the online ad industry however is that it's really a technological arms race against unscrupulous advertisers, and sometimes those bad, unsavory ads get through. We're not a fan of those types of ads and we know you aren't either.

Please use this thread to report bad ads (e.g. full-screen takeovers, pop-ups, redirects, etc.). We make it a high priority to ensure that intrusive ads don't show up on the site and to get them removed as quickly as possible so that you can keep having a great experience.

Details like the URL of a redirect can help track down the problem much faster.

Hey! I keep being redirected to some nonsensical "casino slots" style ad on mobile. I will screenshot it the next time it happens and update this post with more details!


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Thanks for the reports guys. We've made sure that they've been passed on and that our partners will be monitoring this thread regularly.

That's the address I copied from a pop up I just got. Using chrome on mobile (android)

Been getting pop ups the past week for yhe first time since I started browsing Era, that's odd.
I have had to turn on tracking protection on Firefox as I have now three times been re-directed via ads here.

It goes from then to a then to and then ends at a

I didn't click on anything but not to plussed on those. I don't mind pop ups or annoying ads and would like to support, but redirects to potentially malicious sites are concerning.


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Thanks for the reports and the details. I've reached out to our partners again to make sure that this latest wave will be taken care of ASAP.
Just got another redirect to this link here:

EDIT: Domain of link is . Removed the full link, as I just noticed it has my IP address in it. Hopefully you guys have the ability to check the edit history of posts.

Once again using Firefox on desktop.

EDIT: Looking at my browser history, looks like it redirected to this link first:

Then to this one:,,&bid=0.021

Then to this one:

Then to: [full link removed]

And finally to: [full link removed]

Full links for the last two are in the edit history for this post. Removed them since they have my IP address in them.
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The "express factory outlet" pop up is out of control. Had it pop up five times while reading one page of 100 posts. The fifth time it popped up, it wouldn't go away. Android chrome.
Just got an intrusive ad on mobile that popped up in the middle of the page, for Disney World. I took a screen, will edit that in tonight on desktop.
Express really must have brought out the money hat for that ad to still be up. It's becoming more frequent, and now it's freezing my browser completely. If you're not going to remove it because of complaints Cerium can you at least tell us when the contract for that ad is up, so we'll know when it's safe to use mobile again?