Those of you who take 15 min to poop. What is going on in there?

Most of the time it's a 2 minute poop + 13 minutes of playing on my phone, sometimes twice a day. It's great.

Sometimes I'm just waiting for people the bathroom to leave so I can poop in peace.
I’m glad some of you like to hide in a stall during work hours and waste time in your phone for 30 minutes but fine if us actually need to use that stall to shit. So can you get back to your desk?
I mean, some people are more constipated than you OP. Colonic motility is a wide spectrum across individuals, meals, and moments. Let us embrace all kinds.
For the most part just chilling on my phone but also for some reason American bathrooms never have any kind of hose/bidet or even a bucket or baby wipes. The fuck? I have to spend an extra 10 min grinding toilet paper on my ass until there's no stain left god I hate taking a shit outside of my own house
Phone but also sometimes it actually takes that long to get everything out of there. Tried everything already and only thing that helps is pooping right when you need to instead of when it is most convenient.
irregular bowls, usually caused by eating too much friend food, fast food, soft drinks and beer.

if you eat healthy and feel healthy, you will normal poop as fast as an 8 year old does with minimal skid marks

but if you like to hamburgers, pizza, fries, coke and stuff..... you are going to poop soft, half way, and it just takes way longer for it all to come out 100%

sometimes, you don't succeed at pooping 100%, so you stop because it takes too long and there is still 20% poop inside you but eh gotta get to work on time
For some reason mine doesn't come out all at once. Sure, most of it comes out in the initial payload, but I'll sit there for 10+ more mins and keep pushing, and often more keeps coming out.


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I'll admit, I'm a faster pooper than most. Not sure why that is, but I don't believe it's related to diet because I've eaten very clean for months and also periods of absolute obese mode, and my Time To Poop or TTP, does not seem to change much.

But I've noticed there are a lot of men, including some of my friends, that take 15-20 minutes to poop almost every time. I've spoken to them about this, and they are not just in there on their phones. It's actually taking them this long for the drop and plop.

So, long poopers. What's the deal? Do you eat cheese-steaks exclusively? I'm concerned for you colon health.
Most people have atrophied digestive system muscles. Poop usually only happens when they are blocked up rather than a transit system
I mean, everybody's body is different?

When I go to poop - phone or not - I like to give it a little extra time because it doesn't all come out at once often times. Sometimes 90% of it will come out, and then by giving it another 5 mins or so, a little more may make its way out. If I'm not in a rush or anything, I take my time. Because, why not?
I mean the pooping usually takes like 3min max. 1 min to warm up, 1 min to release, 1 min to ensure the bowel evacuation is completed properly.
But after the fact sometimes I just wanna chill a bit you know? Just hang out before you commit to the clean up.