Trump to ABC's Cecilia Vega: "I know you're not thinking. You never do." Vega: "I'm sorry?"

Yeah, he's trash, but this is exactly the kind of behavior we should expect from him. There are countless examples of him being sexist (among other things).
I never thought we’d have a President so classless in the country.

I expect the possibility of incompetence but this is outrageous and needs to be called out every time it happens.
Responses like these are so defeatist.

Thing about "the base" is he could literally murder their families in front of them and then rub his balls in their face and they'd still say he's the best president ever.

What's important is when he pulls dumbass antics like this it hardens opposition against him.

He's gotten a little bit of a bump lately but 41% is still shit approval rating and what's more important is the 51% that disapproves hates his guts. He's not really persuading anyone and as long as Democrats put up a likable candidate in 2020 he's toast.
Out of all of the actual defeatist posts on here, you chose mine which was clearly a joke? Lol
How is it possible this man is President? Wish she'd had told him what a spineless orange moron he is and went full on fucking tyrannical for like 20 mins just berating him until she was pulled out. She's be an absolute hero / star and end up with a gofundme for fucking millions even if she was sacked

Speaking of which can we start a gofundme for a Paxman Vs Trump interview. I'd like to see him melt / implode when the first question asked to him is "are you an idiot?" and it gets continually more savage form there
I think he heard "I'm not thinking" but your interpretation of his response is way to generous to him.
I agree, when I initially watched it I thought she said "I am not thinking" and only realized it was "I am not, thank you," but Trump's response was totally not intended to be about her not thinking that she would be called on.
I doesn't matter if I'm taking to the president on camera. I wouldn't be able to stop my immediate reaction of replying with "Thafuckyousay?"

It's baffling that reporters are cool with taking this constant abuse though. And how none of them are willing to talk shit right back to his face.
Fuck being dignified at this point. Any time anyone interacts with him, they should be disrespectful as fuck. Fuck him being the president. Smug piece of shit.
Fox reply:

KATIE PAVLICH (CO-HOST): Look, I don't think he would've said anything different to Jim Acosta from CNN. So if we're going to focus on the him telling her that she wasn't thinking about something, which I'm sure the media will, in the environment that we're in -- he treats reporters fairly. And he's had this tone since he started out on the campaign trail with reporters. So I think that continuing to focus on it is actually huge distraction away from the news here.
Good Lord, this isn't just spin--it's a goddamn centrifuge.

So Trump says something blatantly offensive, but this host's 3 big takeaways from the exchange are: (1) Trump treats reporters fairly; (2) Trump is consistent in his actions; and (3) the media is distracting people from Trump's accomplishments.

Even when Trump says something so clearly and obviously worth criticizing, Fox News somehow manages to make the gaffe sound virtuous.

I just can't with that network, y'all...
To be fair, there is literally nothing Trump can do to make them lose faith... everything he does is the best thing he's done since the last thing