Venom Social Media Reactions

The Venom Social Media embargo drops tonight at 10:00pm Pacific.

They invited a lot of social media influencers (snapchat and soundcloud "stars") to the premiere to have them hype up the movie tonight. Fox did the same thing with Fantastic Four 2015. BUT reviewers saw the movie last week across a few screenings. So they'll be posting their reactions tonight.

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The embargo is up. Millions of fans across the world refresh their feeds waiting to devour opinions and drama. But they are confused at what they find. Hundreds of thousands of tweets, all with the same phrase. "He's back."

I know I'm the resident Marvel hater and stir up a lot of chaos with my hatred for their movie making machine, but I was kind of hoping this one would be good. Venom is a different character, and I grew up with he and Carnage in video games and the odd comic. Plus I'm a Tom Hardy fan.
Waiting for the usual over positive hyperbolic twitter reactions
There will be some, from big sites too. There are people who hated it (but couldn't say publicly until tonight) while a couple sites have been running damage control and pulling the "don't trust critics" card since their person at the screening liked it for some bizarre reason.
In for the dumpster fire of either it’s terrible or the “ influencer” tweets will be terrible due to overflowing , faux effusive praise because people want to keep being invited to free things
Oh hey more social media posts for a comic book movie that people got to see early for free, I wonder how the tweets are going to pan out!
I hope it’s surprisingly great, or hilariously bad.

It will probably be like 45% on RT, do pretty bad at the box office, not be loved or hated, and fade away within a couple weeks.