Venom Social Media Reactions

Where can I read about the post credit scenes? That's all I care about at this point.

edit: Found them and they're pretty predictable and disappointing
Glad you found the info.

For others: ManaByte posted them in the MCU thread a bit ago behind spoiler tags.
Pro tip for people that like watching hype/trainwrecks as they happen:

Whenever embargoes are up, go to twitter and type:

venom filter:verified

and you'll get a list of all tweets from verified accounts as they come in.
Whoa Sony fucked up another movie from the Spider-Man universe??? Who would’ve thought the same people in charge would keep fucking up.
I’m looking forward to the positive RTTP thread in about a year from now about how it’s actually a really good movie and that people were unfair to it because it wasn’t in the MCU.


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so as per certain users in past threads these influencers are all MCU stans who want the movie to fail right? because that’s the only possible reason that they could be saying anything negative about it. not cos it’s garbage and has looked and sounded like garbage for a while or anything
What I'm getting from this is that Tom Hardy is so bizarre in this movie that it never gets boring, but in a really really bad way, like watching some disaster happen live.
I had no problem skipping this, but these tweets are actually selling me on the movie.

Wonder if I can enjoy this on a Amazing Spider-Man 2 level because I checked out early on that one and enjoyed it for the mess it was.